MANETTI is a brand with a clear identity, expressed by it stylistic research, ability to experiment and human dimensions. All these aspects can be found in the clothing products which, as always, do not follow trends but, rather, anticipate them. Stylistic research is the basis of the commercial offerings of the company that is constantly looking for new fashion ideas for each collection, reworking trends and creating fresh combinations of materials and workmanship. 

Furthermore, the brand is noted for its ability to experiment, and to go beyond obvious solutions.

Products are elegant, fashionable and high quality, made with the stylistic italian know-how. Materials and skins are purchased in the most important markets and international auctions and are guaranteed by the rules and regulations of the Washington Convention.

Finally, the human dimension is the truly distinguishing feature of our internal workflows and relations with clients. The MANETTI brand came about through the efforts of the Manetti family, which, to this day remains the heart of the company, together with a team of collaborators who share its goals and values, working to achieve the corporate vision every day. 

And the MANETTI vision is that of bringing Italian style to the world. This style comes from the great attention to detail, the ability to find innovative solutions and the defence of quality as a real added value, without lack the human dimensions and the customers' expectations. Italy and its tradition of craftsmanship is a heritage and a source of inspiration, a background which is the starting point for each choice, and one of the great secrets of MANETTI's success.